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3 Reasons Dog Obedience Training is Important When You Have a Larger Canine

You have a big dog because you wanted a larger canine. These big animals can be just more to love. From wet kisses to couch-hogging cuddles, big dogs do have a lot to offer a doting owner. However, having a bigger dog can also mean there is more than enough reason to seek out dog trainers ‘near me’ for help. Check out some of the reasons dog obedience training is important when your pooch is a bit larger than most.

1. Larger dogs can be more intimidating even when they mean no harm.

If you have a larger dog, they are automatically more intimidating than a smaller dog even if they are not doing anything out of aggression. For example, if a big dog jumps up on another person who does not know the dog, the person can be scared because the dog could be big enough to knock them over.

2. Larger dogs can make bigger messes than smaller dogs.

Dog obedience training with a larger dog is important as well because bigger dogs can mean bigger messes. If a big dog is not house trained, just a few instances of them urinating in the floor can be enough to cause substantial damage to the flooring. Likewise, larger dogs tend to have a more powerful bite, which means they could chew up a large piece of furniture relatively easily.

3. Larger dogs can be hard to physically control.

Having a well-behaved dog is ever-important, but if you have a larger dog, it is even more important that they are well-behaved because of the fact that these dogs can be harder to control. For instance, walking a large dog on a leash can be more like you getting walked on a leash if the dog has not been properly trained.

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