Proud Paws bases its methods upon Reward Based Training. This means using things that our dogs enjoy, desire and consider valuable to motivate them into learning new things, as well as to redirect them away from inappropriate behaviors and toward a better alternative. This does not mean bribing our dogs into doing what we want but instead reinforces good decision making, making it more likely for them to repeat those good decisions again and again. These methods not only make training more fun for us and our dogs but also more successful in the long term.

These methods fit easily into our daily routines in a way that makes training convenient and achievable instead of stressful or time consuming.


Despite what many old fashioned dog training theories may put forward, our dogs are not out to control or to dominate us and our environment, nor are they concerned about gaining an Alpha status within our homes. Therefore, nor should we be. Using forceful and corrective based techniques can not only be dangerous in some scenarios, but often creates confusion, stress and fear in our dogs, as well as a relationship with us that is lacking in trust and consistency. Having a companion animal is about learning to understand species specific choices and how to communicate our intentions and instructions clearly and effectively. We can identify ways to create consequences to unwanted behavior while maintaining a calm and compassionate approach.


Reward based training is the most up to date and science based method of training any animal.


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