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Are you getting ready to pick up your new puppy from a breeder or rescue?

Perhaps you haven't found your puppy yet but want to know what life with a puppy will entail and to get everything prepared for your potential new family member....

Your 60-90 minute 'Puppy Prep' session is a hugely valuable stand alone, or addition to either of the private puppy training packages.

This session allows you to ask questions, work through any worries, properly assess your home environment and discuss all the tools and equipment you will need to have in place before your little one arrives, in order to leave you feeling reassured and ready for that exciting homecoming.


Areas of discussion include:

  • Important questions for the breeder or rescue before pick-up 

  • The journey home

  • Where your puppy will spend their time both day and night

  • Tools, equipment and puppy proofing

  • The first 7-14 days with your puppy

  • Understanding your puppy's stage of development

  • Early and safe socialization

  • Basic nutrition/feeding techniques

  • Spay/neuter considerations

  • Realistic goal setting.



Discounted cost of session with either the 'Puppy Pres-School or 'Puppy Rockstar' training packages:  $150

Stand Alone Session Cost: $200

chi puppy cuddle_edited.jpg

You don't have to wait until puppy gets home to book your training sessions!

Proud Paws invites you to call in advance so that you can receive all the support you need from Day 1.


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