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A huge portion of the private dog training experience is about you, the pet parent, learning how to manage and effectively communicate with your own dog in every day life. This means you can look forward to being personally coached, supported and empowered by your Proud Paws professional, one-on-one, through solutions not only to your current dog behavior challenges, but also down a path to becoming fully equipped with 'bigger picture' problem-solving abilities for the future.


Areas of learning include:

  • Body language - both your dog's and your own.

  • Leash handling and coordination.

  • The nature and effects of your dog's routine.

  • Safety and environmental awareness.

  • Making the best choices for your dog, as well as teaching them how to make good choices for themselves.

  • How to prepare yourself and your dog for relevant life experiences.

  • How to confidently navigate through your relationship with your dog.

  • How to troubleshoot through changes in age, health and lifestyle.

  • Appropriate types of enrichment and exercise.

  • Realistic training plans that appropriately address the needs of the human and take your dog's age, breed, energy level and capabilities into account.


All client, dog, trainer relationships begin with an initial consult.

This is a 90 minute session (approx. 2 hours for multi-dog homes), conducted in-person, at your home, where we delve into your dog's history and personality, discuss your challenges and concerns, where your trainer will make some initial assessments based on your environment, how your dog chooses to interact/participate in the session, and the information you provide. This is then followed with helping you to establish some clear goals for training with a plan for moving forward.

Proud Paws will also provide you with some immediate recommendations and starting points, as well as a set of follow-up notes, in order to relieve stress, ease prominent difficulties, spark motivation and get you set up on the right track from Day 1.




Most families benefit from a training 'package'. Some of these packages have been formulated for the most commonly occurring behavior challenges, tried and tested and therefore generally pre-set to appropriately meet the needs of you and your dog(s). 

Where necessary however, packages will be customized specifically for addressing your individual and unique set of goals.

The length of your package, i.e. the number of sessions, will be determined in your initial consult based on what you would like to achieve. In all cases, you can be sure you will receive a personalized touch, honest consideration of your circumstances and acknowledgement of your dog's quirks and nuances.


For the length of your training package we will meet weekly, for approximately one hour per session, at a consistent and agreed upon scheduled time. 

SINGLE SESSION HOURLY RATE (Single dog homes): $190

SINGLE SESSION HOURLY RATE (Multi-dog homes): $215


  • In-person weekly coaching sessions.

  • Written breakdown of all lesson content and training exercises to be viewed as personal 'action points' or homework for you to implement with your dog between lessons.

  • Relevant resources to aid you with the success of your training plan, or to provide assistance in other areas of your dog's life where possible.

  • Text and email support within office hours.

  • Weekly feedback on video footage of you and your dog practicing (to be provided by pet parent to trainer by email) - particularly useful for behavioral modification plans.


Just as a veterinarian cannot guarantee a particular health outcome, your trainer cannot guarantee a behavior outcome. When working with animals and humans, there are many variables at play, including your environment, the animal's genetics, your pace of learning, your commitment to the training process and the work that you do with your dog in between coaching sessions. Behavioral and emotional needs will also change and evolve with your dog's age, social experiences, health and with any significant lifestyle alterations. What can be guaranteed is the Proud Paws commitment to training methods that are free from fear, pain and force, a personalized dedication to your learning and preparedness and a dramatic increase in the probability of a highly desirable training outcome.

If you have more questions about what to expect from working with Proud Paws Dog Training, don't hesitate to call, email or text us!


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