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Proud Paws trainer, Jessica Powell has a wealth of unique experience as a dog behavior professional, team leader and public speaker within the shelter world and pet parenting community. She offers discounted consults, complimentary dog training workshops and organized staff and/or volunteer training sessions to open-door animal shelters or animal rescue groups with charity status, either for dogs in the foster home or on-site at the shelter/facility. 

Services and assistance may include:

  • Coaching dog foster parents with training or shelter to home transitions.

  • Coaching staff and volunteers on safe dog handling and socializing dogs in the shelter environment, particularly those that may be especially challenging.

  • Assistance and troubleshooting for shelter enrichment programs, dog behavior assessment protocols, record keeping, or kennel routines.

  • Behavioral modification plans for dogs in the shelter or foster home.

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"Thank you Jessica!

Thank you to Jessica Powell for everything. She is awesome! Thanks for all her hard work helping difficult dogs and for helping train volunteers to work better with them. She always made time to answer questions and I found her encouragement inspiring."

-Pasadena Humane Society Dog Behavior Volunteers


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