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Proud Paws offers training consults and lessons in digital format!

Receive the same individually tailored, thorough, science-based information and recommendations through your laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Simply download easy applications like Skype or Zoom and get quick, convenient access to your certified trainer.

  • Receive the help and guidance you need no matter where in the world you are located.

  • Even more flexible scheduling.

  • Stress free lessons for very shy or very people sensitive dogs.

  • Option to send videos of your dog's behavior for your trainer to evaluate before the start of the consult, as well as video review sessions of your practice and progress.

  • Live, active discussion as well as demonstrations and coaching for building your techniques.

  • No media or technology savvy required, we'll take you through it!

At Proud Paws we understand that lifestyle, routine, the balance of responsibility and even mindset has changed and that we have been thrown into a world of needing to function outside of our usual comfort zones.

Allow us to lighten the load for you and provide you with the reassurance that your dog's behavior and your family's well-being will be taken care of... and guess what? We were always training you to train your dog anyway! 

First 75-90 minute consult session - $175

  • This is where we get to know you and your dog.

  • Tackle immediate concerns and priorities.

  • Discuss foundation tools and techniques for effective communication and management.

  • Establish your goals for moving forward.

  • Active recommendations that get you working with your dog right away.


Each hourly follow-up (can be split into two 30 min sessions) - $150

  • Review progress and implementation of items discussed in previous lesson.

  • Practice and progression of exercises relevant to you and your dog.

"Everyone's self-esteem in this house is rising, we are so grateful and looking forward to more!"

- Proud Parent of new Mini Bernadoodle Pup

Behavioral Modification:

For dogs that find it enormously challenging when new people come to the home due to fear, reactivity or high arousal, remote lessons are hugely advantageous:

  • Removes level of pressure and distraction that the unfamiliar guest presents.

  • Sets your dog up for increased success with learning.

  • Allows you, as the parent to take full control of the handling.

  • Sessions can transition to in-person when confidence and technique is established.

*Proud Paws does not currently take on cases of severe human-directed or multi-dog home aggression involving a bite history, but can direct clients to a qualified behaviorist so please contact us for referrals.


Parents of dogs with separation anxiety can find access to Certified Separation Anxiety Therapist here.

"Really informative and helpful and actually let me hear some of the things I needed to hear"

- Proud Parent of Adult Shi Tzu

Package options are still available!

Session packages allow you and your dog to learn at your individual pace and to receive on-going guidance from your trainer through the training process.

Working together in this way helps us to measure results effectively and to remain committed to building your success. 

Hurry up and call, text or email us to arrange your online session and to receive further preparatory instructions:


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