For Puppies Under 6 Months of Age

Congratulations on the new baby in your life!


Every puppy is an individual, with their own set of personality traits, little quirks and curiosities.

Each pup also learns differently and each parent has their own set of goals.

One of the best parts about the Puppy Starter Package is that it can be tailored in any way you want in order to appropriately meet the needs of your new furry friend, your family and your lifestyle.

Your package will allow you to create a strong foundation for ongoing training, as well as the opportunity to truly bond with your puppy. 


Choose between a six or ten session package for this age-group. Top-ups and single session bookings are also available.


Lessons include: -

  • Potty and crate training.

  • Mouthing, nipping and play time manners.

  • Routines and structure.

  • Jumping and impulse control.

  • 'Place' targets, calmness and mat training.

  • Foundation manners and communication.

  • Introduction to the leash and polite walking.

  • Body handling, grooming and home husbandry.

  • Mental stimulation.

  • Working with new experiences and distractions.

  • Attention to name and introduction to recall.


Remember, your puppy is smart and wants to learn, so for optimum success keep your expectations realistic and your communication gentle and clear.





One of the most crucial things about raising a puppy to is giving them early opportunities to experience the world. This means starting before they are fully vaccinated!


While it is vital to keep our vulnerable little ones safe from disease and to avoid high risk zones, we have a critical window in which to properly introduce them to a broad variety of people, objects, sights, sounds and other animals. Introducing them to as many different experiences as possible and building steady, positive associations while doing so helps to prevent fearful, reactive and even aggressive responses to these things later in life. In short, early socialization equips our puppies with the coping mechanism to deal with novel stimuli and gives them the best chance of growing into secure and psychologically healthy adults.

Click here for the position statement on Puppy Socialization and vaccines from the American Veterinary Society for Animal Behavior.

For fun tips and ideas on socialization, visit our Resources page to access the Proud Paws Puppy Socialization Checklist.
















Proud Paws realizes that sometimes work on socialization can be time consuming. We can therefore take your puppy out for you where needed to make sure they get all the right exposure to the world. Outings may include environments such as:

  • The grocery store

  • The mall

  • The park (puppies not fully vaccinated will be carried)

  • Simple car rides (parent must provide car restraint)

  • The pet store

  • Busy side walks

  • Children's playground

  • The vet's office

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