For Puppies Under 5 Months of Age
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This budget friendly, beginner option lets puppy parents dip their toe into training and communication techniques while covering the earliest and most pressing problem-solving needs.


Lesson content includes:

  • Potty training and daily routines

  • Growing independence

  • Crate training and environmental management

  • Strategies for nipping, biting and jumping.

  • Beginner mat training and relaxation techniques

  • Mental stimulation and play time tips

  • Socialization and understanding novelty

  • Introduction to collaring and leashing

  • Attention to name.


(Please inquire about rates for multiple puppies)


This package provides puppy parents with an in-depth foundation to training, focusing on manners and relationship-building that includes real life situational awareness and results. Parents will have a well-rounded understanding of effective communication and how to develop desirable behaviors in their puppy, enabling you to be fully prepared for the adolescent stage. This truly is an investment into your dog's future.

Lesson content includes: -

  • Potty training and daily routines

  • Growing independence

  • Crate training and environmental management

  • Strategies for nipping, biting and jumping

  • Mat training, boundaries and the key to a calm puppy

  • Mental stimulation

  • Play time manners and how to play

  • Socialization and understanding novelty

  • Food manners

  • Foundation cues such as sit, down, stand and 'touch'.

  • Advanced leash manners and polite walking.

  • Body handling, grooming and home husbandry.

  • Working with new experiences and distractions.

  • How to have an optimistic puppy.

  • Attention to name and 'come when called'

  • Front door thresholds.

  • Introduction to 'drop it'.


(Please inquire about rates for multiple puppies)


Your first 90 minute consult incorporated into Lesson 1 getting you immediately set up with solutions and recommendations and no time wasted.

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A written summary of your training exercises and main discussion points sent to you via email following each and every lesson, as well as helpful handouts and visuals.

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Opportunities for questions and basic troubleshooting via text or email in between lessons (during office hours) so that you feel fully supported throughout your learning experience.


Weekly video review of you and your puppy as you practice what you've learned in each lesson so we can keep you on track and celebrate your wins together!

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This is a coaching relationship between you and your puppy, and your trainer. We will not be doing the work for you, but we will be your own private guide, guru and cheerleader! Remember that practice between puppy and parent will make perfect.

While we believe these packages will fuel your understanding of dog behavior, give you the opportunity to truly bond with your puppy and appropriately prepare you and your dog for their adolescence, you will also have the flexibility of tweaking each area of learning to suit your needs in the best way possible.

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One of the most crucial things about raising a puppy is giving them early opportunities to gain understanding of the world around them. This means starting before they are fully vaccinated!


While it is vital to keep our vulnerable little ones safe from disease and to avoid high risk spaces, we also have an optimal window in which to properly expose them to a broad variety of new experiences. It is these experiences combined with steady, relaxed associations that helps to prevent fearful, reactive and even aggressive responses later in life. In short, early socialization equips our puppies with the coping mechanism to deal with novel stimuli and gives them the best chance of growing into secure and psychologically healthy adults.

Click here for the position statement on Puppy Socialization and vaccines from the American Veterinary Society for Animal Behavior.

For fun tips and ideas on socialization, take a look at our Proud Paws Puppy Socialization Checklist, also located on our Resources page.

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