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Baby Hippo's Story



Four year old Pit Bull, Baby Hippo, originally named 'Fluffy' (ironic yes, since he's short haired!) was found as a stray almost a year ago, wandering the streets of South Los Angeles. He spent more than two months at the South Central City Shelter, completely kennel bound for the majority of his stay due to an upper respiratory infection (kennel cough) that became progressively worse and worse. He also developed an ear infection and appeared to have some dermatitis.

Shelters can be terribly stressful places for a dog to be - cold, noisy and unfamiliar... many of them don't even get a proper night's sleep.

Most of these county and city-run facilities are more over-crowded with abandoned animals than ever before, under-funded and forgotten, lacking in basic resources to facilitate quality animal welfare, with staff over-worked and unsupported and euthanasia rates through the roof...

I had lost one of my pit bulls, Levi two years ago to cancer and felt that the time had come to offer our home to a dog that really needed it. When I came cross 'Fluffy' on social media, he had been placed on the 'red list' due to his URI and given an exit deadline of just a few days away. If he was not rescued or adopted within this time, he would be put to sleep.

I attempted to foster Fluffy through the shelter's foster program, but a set of outdated policies in regard to his medication needs prevented this from being approved, despite his impending outcome.

I couldn't bare the idea of this dog losing his chance to be cared for in a warm, loving home and with the help of some shelter volunteers desperately began communicating with willing local rescues.

'Giselle's Legacy' stepped in with literally only seconds left on the clock... Fluffy had already been taken to the clinic when they were finally able to get someone at the shelter to answer the phone!


Founder, Sherrie Calderon tirelessly coordinates rescuing dogs in need from all over the country, responding 24/7 to lifesaving pleas from the public and from inside the shelter system, with stories like this one all too common.

Fluffy became 'Baby Hippo', as well as part of our family, but he is a timid, emotionally complicated boy with severe allergies and for now at least, remains in need of consistent medical and behavioral support.


We would never have been able to meet the needs of this sweet, goofy, affectionate dog if it weren't for Giselle's Legacy.

But rescuing dogs is expensive, overwhelming and utterly endless. They cannot continue saving lives without the donations of dog lovers like us!

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