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'Leash Reactivity' is a term often used to describe any combination of the following behaviors toward another dog, person or object when out on a leash:

  • Barking

  • Pulling

  • Growling

  • Lunging

  • Rearing

  • Snapping

  • The inability to move away from a triggering event.

reactive shepard_edited_edited.jpg

If this all sounds like your dog, we are here for you!

At Proud Paws we understand that these behaviors can be worrisome, exhausting, embarrassing and even scary.


This can be exacerbated by the nature of the urban environment and the challenge of finding places to exercise your dog without the constant struggle.


Are you are tired of getting up at the crack of dawn in an attempt to beat the fray?

Maybe you have even stopped trying to walk your dog completely...

Reactive behaviors are often a result of fear, insecurity, over-stimulation or frustration. Your dog may even enjoy the company of other dogs off-leash but loses all sense of control when encounters occur under restraint.

Proud Paws has a perfectly tailored formula for the leash reactive dog that assists pet parents in deciphering where these behaviors are coming from and most importantly how to pave the way toward remedying them. You will learn how to see things from your dog's point of view, feel empowered with the tools to confidently and decisively handle each situation and feel the relief of achieving a manageable and enjoyable walking experience.


What makes this program a uniquely valuable choice:

Most reactivity training protocols involve either harsh methods and equipment, unnecessarily correcting and punishing your dog for their 'mistakes' and attempting to change behavior by force, or a repetitive and often arduous set of steps that makes it difficult for the pet parent to feel successful and ultimately misses the opportunity to 'think outside the box'.

The Proud Paws 'REACTIVE TO RELAXED' program takes you through an in-depth team-building experience with your dog, creatively addressing their stress and over-arousal in multiple areas of your routine, teaching them a clear line of focus on you when on leash and providing you with a full toolbox of games, cues and techniques that will shape and strengthen your dog's skills, as well as their ability to make good choices - to choose YOU.

Replace stress with confidence,

confusion with knowledge

and pressure with fun!

What the program includes:

  • Sixteen weeks of private coaching (one hour per week) including your 1.5 hour in-home consult session dedicated to the pace of learning appropriate for you and your dog.

  • Force-free, reward-based training techniques and a holistic approach to you and your dog's lifestyle.

  • Identifying your dog's triggers and how to intercept reactive behaviors.

  • Effective leash handling and coordinated maneuvers that keep you and your dog out of 'trouble'.

  • How to work with your environment and measure your dog's readiness for various parts of the outside world.

  • Human-dog communication and correctly reading your dog's body language.​​

  • Games for your dog to build important skills such as focus, self-control, energy regulation and increasing their value for YOU.

  • Refining and progressing your dog's skills to being able to work around other dogs/people and novelty worry-free!

  • Weekly notes and handouts, as well as expert support, video review of your work and troubleshooting in between lessons to keep you on track.

  • NEW! Your very own Proud Paws Dog Training Treat Pouch to get you straight into working with your dog and ensuring you never lose the opportunity to reinforce your dog's great choices!

Rate: 2 instalments of $1,425


"Working with Jessica has been life changing.

She gave us the tools to manage our dog in a way that's productive and actually works. She taught us how to communicate with him effectively, which has built immense trust and a deep bond between us. If you feel like your dog is 'out of control' no matter what you do and you feel frustrated and exhausted, Jessica is the trainer for you."

- Proud Parents Laura & John.



Look forward to reconnecting with your dog and call us to arrange an in-home consult today!


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