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Pricing Policies

Service Area:


For areas more than 15 miles outside of the local radius, convenient and effective remote training options are an option. In-person lessons may be considered with the addition of a travel fee.

Public speaking and educational activities: 

The specific nature and requirements of the event itself are always taken into consideration and can be discussed between the trainer and event organizers. Prices here will therefore vary.

Cancellation Policy:

24 hours notice is required for lesson cancellation or rescheduling.

In the event of an emergency or where cancellation is absolutely necessary without the required notice, a $45 fee will be applied.

If client is not present at the time of scheduled appointment or a lesson is cancelled last minute (less than 2 hours), full session fees will still be due. If the lesson is part of a package, it will still count as one lesson.

Payment Options:

Proud Paws is currently accepting payment through Venmo, Zelle, or by check/cash (in-person only)

Remote consults require payment at the time of booking.


Please note that a time and payment commitment is made to the entire package at the time of booking.


The purpose of a package is to provide the most convenient, efficient and effective service to you and your dog, therefore packages will only be valid for 3 months following the first lesson after which any unused lessons will expire.


Unfortunately, refunds cannot be offered.

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