Owning a puppy can be hard work and as puppy parents it is our responsibility to get them off on the right paw! Knowing where and how to start can be overwhelming but the Proud Paws Puppy Starter Package makes it easy to provide your new family member with an early foundation in manners and socialization, simple exercises that can be taken into adulthood and the building blocks to a happy and lasting relationship.


No matter what the age or breed, it is never too too late to implement good structure and routine into daily life with your dog. Teaching them how to be proficient with certain cues not only serves to instill manners and boundaries, but also confidence and security. Proud Paws guides dog parents in how to be effective communicators, as well as making training fun for both you and your dog.


Whether your dog is mildly shy, or is exhibiting severely fearful or defensive behaviors, trying to identify what steps to take to help them overcome such fears can be upsetting and overwhelming. Proud Paws takes a great deal of care and sensitivity in working with the fearful dog, assisting parents in developing techniques to help your loved one feel more safe and confident in the world around them.


Dogs that bark, lunge or growl at other dogs on leash or even at people and objects can be worrisome, frustrating and embarrassing. Proud Paws helps dog parents in deciphering where these behaviors are coming from and how to remedy them. Not only does this aid in seeing things from your dog's point of view, but also in bringing you back to a manageable and enjoyable walking experience.


Just like humans, our dogs go through different life stages, both physical and mental, therefore their behavior during these stages will often also change. Adolescence can bring with it an unexpected set of challenges where the fun-loving puppy has now become a rowdy, unfocused and non-compliant mischief-maker. Proud Paws coaches dog parents in creatively changing their training tactics and maintaining structure in order to keep the relationship with your dog in tact.


Managing both children and dogs in a busy household can be a difficult situation to juggle. Both have their own separate set of needs for care and attention and both need to be advocated for during their interactions with one anotherProud Paws assists parents in becoming more aware of their dog's stress signals, in empowering children to take part in easy daily pet care responsibilities and provides guidance in compassionate relationship building.


When our dogs begin misbehaving it can be a confusing and frustrating ordeal. Often we get caught up in an endless cycle of ineffective communication. For many dogs what is a problem to us is an activity filled with joy and to others a result of tremendous anxiety. Proud Paws helps dog parents work through communication issues and develop effective protocols to behavioral issues as well as a remedy to mending that all important relationship with your best pal!


As a dog owner, business, private group, government-run organization or non-profit, you may be considering hosting an event that is centered around dog behavior and training or pet parenting. Proud Paws offers services in public speaking, on-site dog handling, group classes with friends and neighbors and education for adults, dog care staff and children.


Perhaps you are considering adopting a new dog into a home with an existing resident dog, you, your partner and your perspective pups are going to start sharing a home, or you would like to start socializing your dog with those of friends and family members and are not sure where to start. Proud Paws can take you through the process of doggy introductions and provide you with the right tools on how to engage in greetings and healthy play.

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