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Having a well-mannered dog helps make for a convenient and stress-free relationship, as well a companion that can function appropriately within our community and be a part of the things that we enjoy.

Teaching those manners however does not have to mean a laborious, militant set of rules, or for us to feel like we have to set aside huge chunks of our time specifically for traditional obedience training. It does however mean paying attention to what naturally motivates our dogs, their individual preferences and abilities and learning how to acknowledge when they make good choices.


Proud Paws coaches dog parents in applying effective, easy to achieve techniques into their daily routines so that learning is not only based on consistency, repetition and structure, but also on turning each activity into a positive and bonding experience for you and your dog. The development of well-defined manners will often happen as a default of the investment we make into the dog-human relationship.


Whether things just need a little fine-tuning or you are starting from scratch, training can be as simple, creative or as in-depth as preferred with lessons including cues and behaviors such as:

  • Attention to name

  • Sit

  • Lie down

  • Wait

  • Stay

  • Go to bed/mat

  • Polite greetings

  • Come when called

  • Manners around food.

  • Drop it/play techniques

  • Politely walking on leash

And more...

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