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Born and raised in South Wales in the UK, Jessica has extensive and dynamic knowledge within the field of animal behavior and welfare and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Animal Management.


Jessica's life long passion for animals and their co-existence with humans began with large wildlife species such as elephants, monkeys and lions and has taken her around the world to work in fields such as, Environmental Conservation, Ethology and Human-Animal Conflict Resolution. Her ultimate focus on our beloved canine companions was inspired by her two Pit Bull Terriers, Lola and Levi, rescued together at just 6 weeks of age, who remind her every day of the joy and humble fulfillment that these best friends can bring into our lives.

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Jessica has a vast amount of experience with manners training and behavioral modification and is an accredited professional dog trainer (CPDT-KA). Continuing education is a top priority as a dog behavior consultant and business owner and Jessica is committed to using the most up to date and ethical techniques. In addition, she holds a Diploma in Childcare and Education and has coached many young children on the concept of kindness and safe awareness toward animals.


Further to her work in the private sector, Jessica is an experienced shelter professional. She has headed many collaborative programs to improve the lives of dogs in these environments, provided guidance for new pet parents on how to best create a smooth transition and happy ending for their new rescue and successfully modified the behavior of the seemingly 'unadoptable'.  

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